Proofreading & editing service
Thesis, dissertation and commercial proofreading and editing
Don't allow your grammar to let you down at the last hurdle.
Not many academics are expert writers, there's no reason why they should be, so it's no shame to ask someone to provide you with this important service.
The British academic enviroment

If you have written a thesis, or a dissertation and you want to be sure that the grammar does it justice then you need an experienced and reliable editor and proofreader. I can help you to avoid errors that could affect your success by offering a fast, accurate and easy to use personal editing and proofreading service.

I have edited and proofread many books, have had three of my own books published and have edited over 250 PhD theses and commercial documents. I have also written and edited several thousand English criminal court reports.

I offer three levels of service; a proofread, a copy edit and a rewrite. When I've seen your submitted pages, I'll advise you which service I think you require. I'll discuss all aspects of this with you before I undertake the task.

My rates are highly competitive.


It is very important to book my service at the earliest possible time - preferably as you begin to write your document.
Editing & Re-Writing

I'll correct any spelling, typographical
and punctuation errors.

If, during a proofread, I discover
weaknesses that you might not be aware of, I'll let you know right away
and advise you how best to proceed.

Please note: I won't review your footnotes since this is an academic function.


As for proofreading, plus reconstruction of weak sentences. I'll also suggest alterations to improve the clarity of your writing.

I won't change the meaning of what you have written, neither will I comment on its professional content. However, I will point out any academic discrepancies, such as un-attributed quotes, inconsistencies and ambiguities.

Rewriting: if you need a rewrite I shall inform you immediately.

I am happy to receive larger documents in separate parts.


All communications will be strictly confidential.

Please send me your document in Microsoft Word.

I will edit a sample page free of charge to give you an idea of how I work,
and I will also send you a letter of agreement that will include a quotation.

(i) Please let me know if you have a dead-line.
(ii) When I can expect to receive the first part of your document.

Attach your document and email it to me.

In your own interests, be sure you have your tutor's permission for an external edit.

I also offer an academic writers coaching service while I edit your work.

My A-Z guide to academic writing - The Academic Writer's Little Companion - is available on request.

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